B.list launches Facial Cleansing Bars free of toxic ingredients

Clean beauty brand for skincare hits the market combining technology and natural actives

The Brazilian brand B.list was born with the purpose of creating sustainable and high-performance cosmetics, in line with the clean beauty proposal, a trend that is increasingly becoming a philosophy of life. According to data released by Nielsen IQ, today consumers not only seek cosmetics free of toxic ingredients, but also give preference to companies committed to the environment. It is precisely in this segment that B.list operates, preparing clean formulas that meet consumption needs with total respect for nature and without testing on animals.

The brand's first release is the B.list Facial Cleansing Bars, a super modern way of cleaning and treating the face. Its innovative formula brings ingredients of natural origin and does not use water, contributing to the preservation of this precious liquid. In addition, the composition is completely free of parabens, sulfates, toxic preservatives or any other ingredient that is aggressive to the skin. Another novelty is the bar format. In addition to being unique in a product with so many benefits, Barra dispenses with plastic packaging, a material that is often not recycled and contributes to polluting our rivers and oceans.
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For the time being, three Facial Cleansing Bars, each weighing 70 grams, arrive on the market:

Balance Clean Bar Equilíbrio B.list: multifunctional bar treatment for the face that hydrates, soothes and balances the pH of the skin. Its formula contains prebiotics and probiotics capable of strengthening the epidermis' natural defenses, in addition to renowned natural ingredients such as calendula, chamomile and aloe vera. The composition also brings the patented technological active Ecoskin®, which maintains and reconstitutes the cutaneous ecoflora. The Bar can be used daily and is suitable for all skin types.

The B.list Exfoliating Glow Clean Bar: multifunctional bar treatment for the face that cleans, promotes a smooth peeling and evens out the skin tone. Its high tech formula contains glycolic acid, a powerful asset capable of reducing the diameter of dilated pores and minimizing stains and scars. In addition, the composition brings squalane, an ingredient with a very high hydration capacity. The Bar can be used daily and is suitable for all skin types.

Omega Clean Bar Nutrição B.list: multifunctional bar treatment for the face that cleans, nourishes, deeply hydrates and regenerates. The Bar makes the skin more resistant to external aggressions such as sun, wind, cold and pollution. For this, its formula contains omegas 3 and 6, a duo of ingredients that promotes anti-inflammatory action and improves the hydrolipidic balance, enhancing the elasticity of the epidermis. The Bar can be used daily and is suitable for all skin types.

About the B.list

B.list was born in 2020 thanks to two women willing to face the challenge of changing habits, focusing on sustainable beauty and conscious consumption. With years of experience in the beauty, wellness and aesthetic sector, Julia Loyola and Maria Fernanda Braga know that healthy skin depends on the daily use of clean products. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs missed cosmetics aligned with their philosophy of consumption. That's when the duo decided to create an elaborate skincare line with effective, safe and clean formulas. In addition to high technology, B.list focuses on ingredients of natural origin, respect for animals and the lowest possible use of water, both in the production and composition of its cosmetics. All products are cruelty free and free of toxic actives and preservatives. With that, B.list offers simpler and more accessible skincare, which celebrates new ways of taking care of yourself and transforms the beauty ritual into a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Where to find the B.list

On Instagram: @b.list.brasil

On Facebook: blistbrasil

On the brand's website: www.blistbrasil.com.br

And in the big Marketplaces: Amazon, Americanas, Mercado Livre and Magalu

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