B.list launches sustainable facial cleansing bars

A B.List , Brazilian brand clean beauty , launched sustainable facial cleansing bars that do not have animal ingredients and are not tested on these living beings.

The product formula does not use water, using natural ingredients, with a composition free of parabens, sulfates, toxic preservatives and other ingredients considered aggressive to the skin. Another highlight is the bar format that dispenses with the use of plastic packaging, instead, the company uses packaging produced with recyclable and returnable materials.

B.List's Sustainable Facial Cleansing Bars

Do you want to know the brand bars? Each one has 70 grams, and can be used daily by all skin types!

Balance Clean Bar Balance B.list

The product is a multifunctional bar treatment for the face that has properties to hydrate, soothe and balance the pH of the skin.

The formula contains prebiotics and probiotics capable of strengthening the epidermis' natural defenses, in addition to natural ingredients such as calendula, chamomile and aloe vera. The composition also brings the patented technological asset Ecoskin®, aimed at reconstituting the cutaneous ecoflora.

Glow Clean Bar Scrub B.list

The all-in-one bar treatment item cleanses the face to promote a gentle peel and even out skin tone.

The formula contains glycolic acid, an active capable of reducing the diameter of dilated pores and minimizing stains and scars. In addition, the composition brings squalane, an ingredient with hydration capacity.

Omega Clean Bar Nutrition B.list

This multifunctional facial bar treatment has properties that clean, nourish, hydrate and regenerate.

It is reported that the product makes the skin more resistant to external aggressions such as sun, wind, cold and pollution. For this, the formula contains omegas 3 and 6 that offer anti-inflammatory action and improves the hydrolipidic balance, enhancing the elasticity of the epidermis.

“We believe in a relevant and consistent growth of the vegan market in Brazil. We observe the growing concern of consumers regarding the origin of the ingredients of the cosmetics they use in their skin care”, commented Maria Fernanda Braga, co-founder of B.List.

About the B.list

B.list was created by two women: Julia Loyola and Maria Fernanda Braga, both missed cosmetics that were in line with their philosophy of more conscious consumption. Thus, they decided to develop a skincare line that had natural, safe and clean formulas.

“In addition to high technology, the B.list focuses on ingredients of natural origin, respect for animals and the lowest possible use of water, both in the production and composition of its cosmetics. All products are cruelty free and free of toxic actives and preservatives”, pointed out the brand.

A NielsenIQ disclosed that more consumers are demanding products considered clean, informed that, as pointed out by the Natural Marketing Institute, this type of customer represents approximately 24% of American adults.

“We hope that more conscious and sustainable consumption will grow even more and consolidate itself as a more ethical and healthy care habit. The purpose of the B.List brand is this, soon we will have new launches!”, concluded Maria Fernanda Braga.

Article link: https://veganbusiness.com.br/barras-de-limpeza-facial-sustentaveis/

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