Skipcare movement is a response to the long Korean skin care routine

Skipcare movement is a response to the long Korean skin care routine

Our proposal is to simplify, to do better with less impact! read the Brazil Beauty News article that we participate in talking a little about our purpose

Based on a minimalist lifestyle, the new skincare concept proposes the elimination of unnecessary products and investment in multi-benefit formulas.

A Korean woman's daily skin care routine can easily exceed ten steps. Investing so much time and money in this beauty ritual, aiming for standards that are often unattainable, made a new generation of Korean women start the skipcare movement, proposing the elimination of some steps of traditional K-beauty and dispensing with the use of products that are not necessary for healthy skin.

The concept of skipcare is based on a minimalist lifestyle. Bearing in mind that the modern routine requires time optimization, this movement provides for fewer steps, with maximum efficiency , "he says Jessiĺca Park, Product Development Manager at Kiss New York .

The company recently launched the Hidra Young line, with six multi-benefit products inspired by skipcare. They are produced in South Korea, but especially for the Brazilian audience. “ In South Korea, the skin care process starts from a very early age. The Brazilian consumer was not used to skincare until recently. It's a cultural issue and the Korean ten-step routine doesn't make sense in our reality. From that perception, we brought this new line, because everyone wants healthy and beautiful skin, but within a simpler routine , ”she adds.

A Età Cosmetics arrived on the market last year already defending the skipcare movement. “ Our proposal has always been to make skincare uncomplicated, with fewer steps and fewer products in the routine, but ensuring that they are very effective and multifunctional ”, says founder and CEO William Mello .

Its three skin care products launched so far can be purchased individually or in the form of a kit for global skin treatment, controlling oiliness, preventing and combating the signs of aging and improving bags and fine lines around the eyes. “ Skipcare simplifies, but does not exclude what is essential for the health and beauty of the skin. That is why we will have future launches for hygiene and sun protection ”, reveals Mello.

Another company that was born with the vision of a simplified skincare is B.list. The initial portfolio features three cleansing bars with multibenefits, which in addition to sanitizing also take care of the skin. “ We formulate our bars with high-performance actives (such as glycolic acid, prebiotics and probiotics and omegas 3 and 6), managing to include skin treatment in the first step of care, which is cleaning. Thus, the use of these products in the daily routine can replace some skincare steps ”, says co-founder Maria Fernanda Braga .

For the businesswoman, the excess of products has already proved to be inefficient and many times even harmful and aggressive to the skin. " We noticed that the market, in general, proposes a lot of complexity in what can be simple and effective to maintain healthy skin ", she says. “ We didn't think of specifically being a counterpoint to the routine adopted in Korea, which actually produces excellent cosmetics. But we want to be a new way of thinking about beauty, according to the real needs of skin care, understanding the environment and context in which we live. We propose a more conscious consumption of beauty, without waste, and in this case we think globally: time, investment, packaging, ingredients, the entire chain and its impacts ”, adds Braga.

Renata Martins - June 21, 2022

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