Do you know what skinminimalism is? A new skincare trend that is here to stay

Skinminimalism is a concept that refers to a simplified and minimalist approach to skin care. It is a trend that opposes the excessive use of products and promotes a simpler and more efficient skincare routine.

Skinminimalism, simplify your skincare with multifunctional Cleansing Bars

Rather than using a bunch of different products, skinminimalism, or skin minimalism, emphasizes using just a few basic, high-quality products that meet your skin's needs. This includes gentle cleansing, proper hydration and daily sun protection.

The aim is to simplify the skincare routine, avoid unnecessary ingredients and give the skin the opportunity to naturally balance itself.

That's why we created the B.list Bars facial soaps, which clean, hydrate and have a specific function for each moment of your skin.

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