Clean Beauty

What is Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty is a movement of conscious cosmetics companies, which offer high-performance products to the market that are free of toxic and unnecessary ingredients.

There are already many studies that point to substances harmful to health: such as parabens, formaldehyde, sulfates, phthalates, formaldehydes and petrolates. In addition to the complex names, they are proven to be harmful for the skin and the planet. Our formulas do not include any ingredient or preservative that is toxic to the skin.

We are committed to the Clean Beauty movement, which is why our purpose is for the B.list brand to go far beyond its products, we think of the entire production chain to launch our sustainable skincare brand. <3

This means also thinking about the impacts on the environment and consumer health. For this reason, in order to elaborate our proposal for a High Clean Beauty – Real Clean Beauty , we have already launched the B.list brand of Cleansing Bars in this conscious and transparent scenario:

  • Launched by two enterprising women, who seek the best solutions for the skin with a sustainable purpose.
  • Our first line of Facial Cleansing Bars is a breakthrough! B.list Bar is a line of solid, multifunctional, waterless cosmetics, contains natural ingredients, is produced by a certified partner and its packaging is 100% recyclable.
  • We select partners with the same purposes.
  • No product or ingredient is tested on animals.
  • We will always seek to use the least amount of water in all our processes and products.
  • We are connected with our customers and innovations
  • We have the eureciclo seal, which certifies us as investors in the recycling chain.

We believe that Clean Beauty is the future of beauty today!