eurecycle seal

The eureciclo seal certifies the reverse logistics of post-consumer packaging, through a platform for tracking invoices issued by cooperatives and partner recycling operators.

In addition, through the concept of environmental compensation, it guarantees that the brands that carry it allocate resources to the development of the recycling chain, establishing itself as a solution for the National Solid Waste Policy, which determines the goal of 22% reverse logistics for packaging generated by companies.

The eureciclo seal guarantees that B.list Brasil invests in the development of the recycling chain, through the environmental compensation of our packaging.

As a consumer, your role is to correctly dispose of the waste generated by the packaging you use, through selective collection or at the cooperative closest to you.

We believe in the concept of shared responsibility: the company adopts the eurecycle seal to allocate resources for recycling and consumers correctly dispose of their waste.