Facial Cleansing Bars, B.list

They could well be called solid creams - since the touch,
the consistency and effect on the skin does not even remotely resemble that of a
soap (by the way, that's why they are called bars). With the purpose
to create sustainable and high-performance cosmetics without losing sight of
the clean beauty proposal, the B. List arrives with the idea of ​​bars, a way
supermodemo and conscious of cleaning the face. Naturally sourced formulas
(there are 3) do not use water, are free of parabens, sulfates, preservatives
toxicants or any other ingredient that is toxic to the skin. we have the version
Balance with moisturizing effect, the cleaning Glow via gentle peeling and Omega
with high nutrition power for sensitized skin. www.blistbrasil.com.br

Edition link: https://www.hmemrevista.com.br/hm-edicao-35/

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