Female Entrepreneurship: The challenge of sustainable beauty

We believe in female entrepreneurship and that not only can we create companies with our purposes, but we should also do so.

We decided to launch the B.list brand at a mature moment in our career, after many years in the beauty, wellness and aesthetics market.

Júlia as a successful businesswoman, at Estética Los Angeles and I, Maria Fernanda, with an executive career in the marketing and communication area.

Two 40+ women launching a cosmetic brand, Digital Native, Clean Beauty, Sustainable, Waterless, No Toxic Ingredients, No Plastics and No Animal Testing, why? 

Because we are going to do our part, because we are current, because we have experience, because we think about the future and we want to leave our contribution and knowledge acquired in the beauty segment, which is still led by men. And we start right here in Curitiba, our smart city , for anyone who wants to join this sustainable beauty movement .

This article from Portal Reinaldo Bessa summarizes a little of our history.

Businesswomen Júlia Loyola and Maria Fernanda Braga decided to face the challenge of changing habits, betting on sustainable beauty and conscious consumption. With years of experience in the area of ​​beauty and aesthetics – Maria Fernanda was an executive at a company in the sector for years and Júlia has had an aesthetics clinic for 17 years – they wanted to offer the market products for daily use skin in line with the philosophy of consumption of both. This is how B.LIst was born, in 2020.

The brand was created with the purpose of creating sustainable and high-performance cosmetics in line with the clean beauty proposal, a trend that is increasingly becoming a philosophy of life. “We wanted to make available on the market what we were always looking for: a product with a differentiated formulation, for daily and sustainable use”, says Maria Fernanda. “We believe in healthy beauty, both for people and for the planet”, adds Júlia.

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